World Of Women NFT Capacitors: All The Information You Need

September 6, 2022

By Murtuza Merchant

NFT capacitors, World of Women’s newest addition to their ecology, have finally been made public after months of hints, mysteries, and build-up.

There has been much discussion about the enigmatic endeavour, and there are hints scattered across the real world and the digital one.

We can now confirm that the beautiful free virtual residential space is created by the new World of Women NFT capacitors.

You have a tonne of creative flexibility when customising and designing these virtual environments when you redeem an NFT.

World of Women develops a special NFT capacitors clue quest

The new World of Women capacitors, which were first hinted at by the corporation earlier this year, is a distinctive addition to the WoW environment, which is constantly expanding.

The WoW team announced the new initiative for the first time in June via a letter delivered from Nova Gaa (the mecha planet/future mother earth), which was encrypted and caeser-ciphered.

The tone for the next months, when WoW provided its community succession of covert messages and buried clues to decipher, was established by this “MAYDAY! WoWG needs aid!” message.

This includes kitisakkullian hints (the alphabetic form of Nova Gaao), a billboard appearing in Times Square, and ultimately, a literal hint that glows in the dark at the WoW rooftop brunch.

It has taken a long time to plan and create these hints for the World of Women capacitors.

The World of Women team’s resilience and commitment to the local community is demonstrated by this.

The airdrop of the World of Women NFT capacitor

The WoW NFT owners received their brand-new blue NFT capacitors through airdrop on July 6.

Of W0W NFT holders, 10,000 of them were airdropped.

The World of Women Galaxy NFT owners, however, did not get theirs.

It turns out that there were even more hints, and on July 26, they finally received their green NFT capacitors after receiving a total of 12 ingenious hints.

There are 21,738 green capacitors in all.

Importantly, the new capacitors may be used without a WoW or WoWG.

Everyone has the chance to explore the World of Women environment at this special event.

They are available on OpenSea, with prices beginning at 0.0385 ETH (about $61).

What are NFT capacitors from the World of Women?

Since the capacitors have been made public, we have a lot more knowledge about these enigmatic components and how they operate.

The WowVerse, a large environment for the World of Women, was launched with capacitors as its initial component.

Shannon Snow, COO of World of Women said WoW has built a brand that allows people to represent themselves digitally, through PFPs.

“As the first female-centric NFT brand to breakthrough into the mainstream, we couldn’t be more excited for the next iteration and expansion of the WoWverse, which begins the enablement of building and empowering your digital identity in new, innovative ways,” Snow said.

Capacitors may be harmful or useful

There is certainly more to learn about capacitors than only their use as electrical energy storage.

According to the WoW, charged physical touch or close proximity can result in a rapid release that can be harmful or helpful.

There is now no more information available on the distinction between green and blue capacitors, but this will eventually change.

Either morph or don’t!

Importantly, you have the option of “transforming” your World of Women capacitor NFT or not. The NFT cannot be used to transform after it has been used to transform.

Given that this is just season one of the capacitors’ NFT decline, this is a significant choice.

Users will be able to modify their virtual residences in unique ways with each new season. Collaborations with other NFTs in the WoW environment will also be included in upcoming editions.

Therefore, you might want to wait to see what season 2 has in store.

The window of opportunity to choose whether to convert or not is limited in time.

Owners of capacitors have until September 30 to decide how to use their NFT.

What style are the virtual apartments?

The virtual residences were created by Yam Karkai, CEO and CCO of WoW, a selection of breathtaking virtual environments that are distinctive, colourful, and true to the WoW aesthetic.

Together with the Web3 world-building platform OnCyber, virtual dwellings were developed!

If you decide to modify your World of Women NFT capacitor, there are two sorts of virtual residences that are accessible.

You can enter the lovely Origin Residence with a blue capacitor, and the magnificent Nebula Quarters with a green capacitor.

Additionally, owners of both virtual residences who possess NFTs will receive a special gateway to connect them.

Making the most of your space may begin once you have it configured the way you want.

Make a unique and immersive space where you can hang out with friends, members of the WoW community, and people from the larger web3 globe.

You may also show YouTube videos on your walls and hang your favourite NFTs.

Transforming your NFT capacitor for the World of Women

Your new capacitors may be easily converted to NFT, and the benefits are available right away.

Holders of NFTs can start transforming capacitors by redeeming their OnCyber Virtual Homes at this time.

To access and display their official OnCyber URL links, NFT holders can modify their capacitor NFTs.

Through, anybody having a virtual apartment NFT may access their place from here.

Following that, you may begin planning and personalising your fresh new room.

Several resources provide assistance on how to maximise your World of Warcraft virtual area, including design guidance.

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