Ukraine-Russia War anniversary marks resurgence of NFTs for Ukraine

February 27, 2023

By Joe Pan

As the anniversary of the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia approaches, a new wave of support for Ukraine has emerged in the form of NFTs. Listed exclusively on Coinbase, the NFTs are being sold to help finance Ukraine’s ongoing fight against Russia. The involvement of British MP Matt Hancock has fuelled further interest in such NFTs.

The war, which began in 2014, has been costly for Ukraine, both in terms of human lives and economic resources. To keep the war effort going, Ukraine needs financial support from both domestic and international sources.

The NFTs are part of a broader effort to raise funds for Ukraine’s fight against Russia. The “From Ukraine with Love” collection, which features works painted by Ukrainian artist Oleg Mischenko, will be sold at The NFT Gallery in London’s Mayfair on Monday, 27th February. Coinbase is not taking a fee for the NFT sale, and 100% of the sales are going to both CARE International UK’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal (90%) and Oleg’s family (10%). As of press time, six NFTs have been minted and collected.

The collection was curated by Irina Korobkina, who fled Kyiv with her 5-year-old daughter following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. British MP Hancock’s involvement in the project stems from hosting Korobkina in the UK since April 2022. Mischenko, who remained in Ukraine painting as “shells rained down around him” before joining his family in December, said, “My husband’s paintings and this NFT collection gives my family and my country hope. Each piece depicts nature in our wonderful Ukraine. It was a beautiful, flourishing, peaceful country until Putin waged this illegal and barbaric war.”

Link to the collection on Coinbase: 

Matt Hancock is a former MP for West Suffolk, who served in various ministerial positions under Prime Ministers David Cameron and Theresa May. He was appointed as the Minister for Digital and Culture in 2016, and later became the Secretary of State in the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport in 2018. With his background in digital technology and culture, he has been a vocal supporter of blockchain technology and its potential applications, including digital assets such as NFTs.

When asked to comment on what inspired his venture into this NFT collection, Matt Hancock responded via email to Hancock commented on the NFT collection, saying, “I’m incredibly proud of Irina and Oleg, and I am honored to support the family with their charity NFT collection. Oleg is an incredibly talented artist, and his ‘From Ukraine, With Love’ collection is truly stunning.”

The involvement of Hancock, who has been advocating for the UK to become a “crypto hub,” has sparked renewed interest in NFTs and their potential to help finance Ukraine’s fight against Russia. The war is expensive, and it is also a fight of economic might on both sides. While the United States has already committed nearly unprecedented $27 billion-plus in security assistance to Ukraine, the country still needs financial support from other countries and private donors. The anniversary of the war serves as a reminder that the conflict is ongoing and that the people of Ukraine still need support.

Part of the appeal of fundraising with NFTs is the ability to break through physical barriers, regardless of location. YY, a Hong Kong-based NFT collector, exemplifies the potential of NFTs to transcend physical barriers and make a meaningful impact in supporting Ukraine’s ongoing struggle. As an evidence, YY purchased a “MakememenoWar” NFT as a donation while also voicing her political views early on in the conflict.

“The NFTs not only allow us to contribute to the cause but also to own a unique piece of art that represents the strength and beauty of the Ukrainian people. It is evident that the interest in NFTs is growing, and they have the potential to play a significant role in rallying communities and support on important global issues at a moment’s notice,” YY told

As the interest in NFTs continues to grow, it is clear that they have the potential to play a significant role in the fight against Russia and in supporting Ukraine’s ongoing struggle. This has also been demonstrated by @degengami, a Hong Kong-based NFT collector who has shown the efficiency of the reach with his support of Ukraine’s fight for sovereignty.

“While I have not paid much attention to NFTs related to Ukraine, I am supportive of Ukraine’s fight for its sovereignty,” said @degengami, who is an active trader of NFT and cryptocurrency in Hong Kong. “As long as there is transparency on how funds are used, I am open to buying or making a donation.”

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