Swear London reveals its first NFT collection

December 16, 2022

By Anjali Kochhar

Luxury footwear brand Swear London has partnered with international game studio Darewise Entertainment and Skinvaders, a new-age tech platform bringing digital fashion to the metaverse, to launch its first-ever NFT (non-fungible tokens) collection.

The collection, set to be released in early 2023, will be available in the Life Beyond metaverse, developed and published by Darewise Entertainment.

The metaverse offers an AAA science fiction multiplayer online role-playing game built to give users a unique off-world experience and digital ownership over their game assets.

The collaboration will allow players in the game, which features an intricate and comprehensive digital society on an alien planet, to wear fashion goods, including Swear’s iconic 90s chunky platform shoes.

Commenting on the collaboration, Benjamin Charbit, chief executive of Darewise Entertainment, said, “With Life Beyond, our ambition is to create a lush and detailed fictional virtual planet based on cutting-edge technology, world-building, and storytelling.

“By working with the most talented creators and brands we love in the real world, like Swear, we are building an interesting, authentic and believable alternate reality. Skinvaders’ expertise in creating custom in-game elements will also play a pivotal role in this social experience.”

Timothee Semelin, head of partnerships at Life Beyond, added: “Without revealing too much about the upcoming Swear NFTs collection, we know the community and the project will bring a new level of innovation to Life Beyond while also bridging digital and physical fashion. We foresee a unique in-game functionality for Swear NFTs as well as ties to Swear fashion products in real life.”

The partnership would be the first-of-its-kind collaboration for Life Beyond and would also open the door for Skinvaders to become one of the first key partners to develop digital fashion and more for Life Beyond.

Florent Sroka, chief executive of Skinvaders, said, “We are proud to power such an iconic brand as Swear to take its first steps in virtual worlds. Providing Life Beyond with Skinvaders technology for 3D content creation is proof that we are able to work with both Web2 and Web3 game platforms.”

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