SuperRare Introduces a RarePass NFT Collector Pass

November 15, 2022

By Murtuza Merchant

The NFT art market SuperRare has introduced a RarePass: Genesis, a new collector’s pass.

The year-long crypto art experience included in this pass features monthly drops from the most important SuperRare artists.

Additionally, a total of 24 artworks will be airdropped to each holder.

On November 15, the pass will become available through an online auction on SuperRare’s website.

What you should know about the RarePass SuperRare

The SuperRare RarePass offers a fantastic chance to amass premium artwork from some of the most in-demand creators.

It is incredibly exclusive and consists of 250 passes. To be clear, pass holders will receive one airdrop per month for the duration of the experience (3 distributions per month).

250 unique artworks will be produced by the 12 artists.

These include performers like XCOPY, Coldie, Helena Sarin, Krista Kim, Matt Kane, OSF, Other World, Pindar Van Arman, Robness, Sarah Zucker, and Carlos Marcial among others.

Twelve “Special Release Artists” will also produce three 1/1 works of art each month.

They will be distributed to RarePass holders at random. Artists like ALIENQUEEN, Botto, DieWithTheMostLikes, Drift, Killer Acid, MadMaraca, omentejovem, Osinachi, Sam Spratt, Tjo, and Yosnier are among them.

Holders of a RarePass will also have access to further advantages, such membership in an exclusive community.

In conclusion, holders will be able to obtain artwork from Special Release Artists in addition to receiving pieces from the Airdrop Artists.

The launch information

On November 15 at 10 am EST, the first RarePass will go on sale on SuperRare as a 24-hour auction.

On November 16 at 1 pm EST, the winning bid will decide the Dutch auction’s opening price.

It is important to note that 6 passes will be distributed at random (two to current collectors, two to current artists, and two to current $RARE token holders).

There will only be 208 passes offered at the Dutch Auction.

Additionally, for six hours until seven o’clock EST, the price of the pass will drop by 15 cents each time.

Passes can be bought with ETH or USD by potential buyers.

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Murtuza Merchant is an avid follower of blockchain, crypto and NFTs.

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