Shark Tank Who? ‘Killer Whales’ is the Crypto Game-Changer Reality TV Needed

May 24, 2023

By Murtuza Merchant

CoinMarketCap, a leading cryptocurrency price tracking platform, is making waves in the realm of reality television with its new contest show, “Killer Whales,” centered around Web3.

The series, reminiscent of the popular show “Shark Tank,” is being developed in collaboration with the Web3 entertainment firm Hello Labs, Coinmarketcap revealed.

Scheduled to start filming in June, “Killer Whales” aims to both entertain and enlighten global audiences about the complexities and emerging technologies in the world of Web3, as per CoinMarketCap’s statement.

Participants will present their cryptocurrency and NFT initiatives to a panel of expert judges, known as “Whales.” This panel includes entrepreneurs, influencers, and Web3 company founders.

Strong pitches can earn ‘Swim’ votes from the panel, whereas proposals deemed unsustainable in the long run will receive ‘Sink’ votes. The ultimate objective is to garner the most ‘Swim’ votes and the least ‘Sink’ votes, providing an opportunity to top the series leaderboard and be declared the series champion.

The show’s intention is to cater to the burgeoning curiosity of billions of Web3 users by offering a global stage for diverse projects within the cryptocurrency and NFT domains.

Prospective participants can submit entries via the web portal starting May 2nd. The show’s premiere is anticipated later in 2022.

“Our objective is to pave the way for the next billion Web3 users by entertaining and educating them about the crypto landscape,” stated Sander Gortjes, CEO of Hello Labs.

A panel of professional Web3 experts, including representatives from CoinMarketCap, Hello Labs, and other industry specialists, will review all entries. The best proposals will be invited to participate in the show’s filming in Los Angeles.

Importantly, the show also plans to introduce a Web3-friendly method for communities to vote for their preferred projects and NFTs.

Once a project has submitted an application, it is encouraged to rally its community to upvote its project page, thereby standing a chance of earning the audience-voted “Wildcard” slot in each episode.

Those interested in participating in the voting process can cast their daily vote by linking their Web3 wallet with

The HELLO token, the platform’s native token, will also be launched, and holders of at least 1,000 tokens will be eligible for a daily Super Vote, equivalent to ten regular votes.

Web3-related television shows have recently been trending, signaling the diverse applications of blockchain technology and an increasing interest in cryptocurrency among mainstream media audiences.

For instance, Dan Harmon, co-creator of the animated show “Rick and Morty,” plans to launch a show on Fox named “Krapopolis” in 2023.

This show gained attention in August 2021 for its inaugural 10,420 Krap Chicken NFT collection, which offers token holders the opportunity to vote on show elements, access exclusive content, and earn rewards.

Other existing NFT collections have pursued similar ventures, with some extending the use of their intellectual property (IP) across various media platforms.

For example, the NounsDAO has greenlit proposals for a feature film and TV show, while the vibrant NFT collection Doodles recently purchased the Emmy-nominated animation studio Golden Wolf and has announced plans to expand the Doodles franchise through narrative storytelling.

CoinMarketCap plays a pivotal role as co-producers of “Killer Whales,” overseeing the content, ensuring that featured projects align with their standards and goals, and providing on-screen analytics and audience feedback during episodes.

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to gain traction, the rise of crypto-focused TV shows like “Killer Whales” reflects growing interest and acknowledgment of blockchain technology’s potential.

About the author

Murtuza Merchant is a senior journalist and an avid follower of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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