Radar Rats From The Banksy NFT Art Collection Is Exceptionally Useful

August 30, 2022

By Murtuza Merchant

Radar Rats is a brand-new series of tokenized NFTs by renowned graffiti artist Banksy.

The intriguing undertaking is a partnership between Banksy, Magic Eden, and the global art group LCD Lab.

Importantly, the 1,000 NFTs include a special feature that allows users to burn the NFT to create an actual piece of Banksy art.

On September 17, the NFTs will be only accessible on the NFT marketplace Magic Eden.

Own a piece of NFT art by Banksy

A unique collection of 1,000 NFTs called Radar Rats is available for burning at any moment. You may get a free physical reproduction of Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel Box Set by burning your NFT.

The tangible art collection includes hand-painted prints created by Banksy’s group and framed within a compact white box.

These were initially sold to guests of the Bethlehem, Palestine’s Banksy Walled Off Hotel between 2017 and 2019.

“We are always looking to bring interesting and innovative NFT collections to Magic Eden,” said Jack Lu, CEO of Magic Eden. “By introducing the legendary art of Banksy into the NFT world and piloting a unique burn mechanism in which an NFT can be redeemed for a physical art piece, we are reaching a community of passionate NFT collectors who are expressing greater demand for fine art.”

Joining the Whitelist

You must sign up for the whitelist in order to enjoy Banksy’s special NFT art drop. You may do this by either having at least five Stone Heads NFTs or by following LCD Lab on Twitter.

Remember that you have the chance to acquire 1/1 of tangible art in addition to each of these Solana Banksy NFTs.

Damien Hirst previously produced a very successful NFT project that was comparable to this one.

The Banksy Walled Off Hotel will get 10% of the proceeds in order to support the planning of an urban art event in Bethlehem.

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Murtuza Merchant is a senior journalist and avid follower of cryptocurrencies.

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