‘Proof Of Merge’ NFTs Will Transform In Your Wallet As The Ethereum Merge Happens

September 20, 2022

By Sharan Kaur Phillora

A pair of creative thinkers at Web3 firm Andreessen Horowitz has created a proof of merge NFT featuring metadata that dynamically evolves as the Ethereum merge unfolds.

Here’s what we know:

A16z Engineering Partner Michael Blau and Crypto Investment Partner Mason Hall designed Black and White “Proof of Merge” ethereum, An NFT that undergoes three phases automatically triggered by a smart contract.

The first stage of each Proof of Merge NFT is displayed before the merge and shows two separate circles. The second leg of the NFT, which took place in the early hours of Wednesday, shows two semi-merged circles. The third stage will show the fully merged circles, forming a yin-and-yang symbol to indicate that the Ethereum merger is complete.

”It’s generally a side job that Mason and I hacked with each other swiftly over the weekend break, this previous weekend break, and introduced. Therefore much it’s been rather insane,” Blau informed Decrypt in a meeting.

The art is a nod to an Ethereum panda bear meme, stated Hall, which reveals Ethereum’s implementation layer as a black bear and Ethereum’s agreement layer as a white bear. Both bears, after that, integrate to make the utmost Ethereum panda bear, which has ended up being an allegory for post-merge Ethereum.

The Proof of Merge NFTs also functions as a “proof of attendance” NFT of sorts, as they can only be held by wallets that minted them before the merge. The design features a similar black-and-white ASCII style to Blau’s previous Ethereum NFT collections, MEV Army and x0r, which both launched earlier this year.

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