NFTMetta editor Joe Pan to moderate AI panel at Foreign Correspondents Club of Hong Kong

August 29, 2023

Monday Sep 4, 8:30am: Join us for a discussion led by two AI experts – a professor who will provide historical context on the trajectory of AI and a data scientist who will have hands-on insights from building models and startups, together they will offer a 360°-view of AI’s capabilities, applications and societal impacts that extend far beyond ChatGPT or robotics. Expect a dynamic and dialogue on AI’s past, present, and future from its genesis to cutting edge innovations to critical challenges like bias and job displacement whether you are an AI novice or veteran, this panel promises unprecedented access to the minds shaping the AI landscape. Moderated by NFTMetta editor Joe Pan.

Beyond a philosophical debate on AI vs humanity and machine vs human, we will also cover:

  • Fundamental theory, implications, pitfalls, and applications of AI in GPT chatbots
  • AI ‘s impact in education, healthcare, military and the job market
  • Investment trend in AI

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