NFT Artist Feature: Lorena Rodriguez of Mexico

September 2, 2022

By Tsering Namgyal

Lorena Rodriguez is a Mexican visual artist who is interested in exploring the NFT world. She spoke to the chief content officer of Tsering Namgyal.

Q: Please tell me a little background about yourself as an artist.

A: I am a multidisciplinary artist from Monterrey, Mexico. I have had more than 30 solo and 80 collective exhibitions in many cities in Mexico and USA as well as in Argentina, Belgium, Canada, China, Spain, France, Hong Kong, England, Italy, Macau, Panama, Poland and Singapore. I have also managed cultural trips, artistic collaborations, and have been working as a teacher at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Monterrey (MARCO) since 2010.

I was a vocal at CONARTE, I coordinate El Taller with an average of 30 active students, I manage A0 a project of steel sculptures. I co-founded Visita mi Estudio, co-founded DOT to promote Mexican art in Asia focusing in Fine Art in the digital era and NFTs. I have won awards, recognitions, grants and also supports for creation and production in Mexico and internationally. My work can be found in collections such as Televisa, Grupo Reforma, Acervo del Estado de N. L., SOTA (Hong Kong), Farkash Gallery (Tel Aviv), Per.For.Art.Espai (Barcelona), among others. I am currently starting my new project Xi of digital art and putting together the next ARTONE event through the DOT initiative and with the support of the General Consulate of Mexico in Hong Kong. I have done digital art for many years and my last projects TEPT, MIGRACION, 3201 and RONA includes digital art and animation.

Q: Are you collaborating with indigenous artists?

A:  I collaborate with Corazon Tarahumara in their annual exhibition and art sale to collect funds to support the Tarahumaras indigenous in Mexico. That is why I was invited to the twitter spaces with IndigeNFT, through ImpactNFT and ProjectArk, as we have collaborated before at the NFTs exhibitions in Hong Kong, Miami and different metaverses since last year.

Q: When did you come to know about NFTs? And why do you think it is so important for indigenous artists?

A: As I said before, I have worked with digital art for some years now. I first knew about NFTs in 2019 through an NFT exhibition in Spain which invited me. I think it is important for indigenous artists as the NFTs gives them access to the wider global market, especially for the indigenous foundations that need funds. Most of the indigenous communities I know are in remote places and this helps them connect without leaving their communities, but also this involves other challenges such as if they have electricity, wifi or computers available. 

Q: How did you came about collaborating with Project Ark?

A: I have been exhibiting in Hong Kong for many years now. My first exhibition was back in 2004, thanks to Mireya Garcia, with whom I co-founded DOT last year. She lives there and she knew the people at ProjectArk, so I was invited, but we decided to found the initiative DOT to include some other Mexican artists, and that way we became partners with ProjectArk and started collaborating with them.

Q: How did it help you sell your NFTs? And how did it change your artistic career?

A: I am still in the process of making my way in the NFTs, also as DOT we are just starting to make our way (not just for me) we hope we can keep collaborating and growing. It is different from the traditional art world but at the same time most of my artist friends who have entered this market have being selling mainly to the art collectors that have begun to collect NFTs and not to the NFTs collectors, but maybe this is because of our background.

Q: Any suggestions and advice you have for those artists who are yet to embrace NFTs?

A: Come to NFTs world!!!! The first step is for them to decide, the NFTs have many advantages, such as the fact that in the subsequent resales of the NFTs, the artist has a percentage of the profit, which is imposible to control in the traditional art market.  It is the great advantage of the NFT art market, among many others such benefits.

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