Manchester United NFT Controversy: Is the World’s Most Popular Soccer Team Guilty of Artistic Plagiarism?

By Murtuza Merchant

Manchester United NFT Controversy: Is the World’s Most Popular Soccer Team Guilty of Artistic Plagiarism?

There is currently a controversy involving Manchester United, one of the most well-known soccer teams in the world, and artist DesLucrece.

The incident involves Manchester United’s “The Devils” collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which were released on the Tezos blockchain for approximately $36.

However, after the release, DesLucrece pointed out similarities between the artwork in Manchester United’s collection and their own “Monsters” NFTs, which have a minimum price of around $20,000.

DesLucrece shared a comparison of the two sets of artwork and photos used to advertise the projects on Twitter, stating “I’m not saying @ManUtd was inspired by my work, but I’m not saying Manchester United wasn’t inspired by my work.”

The use of NFTs in the world of soccer is still a relatively new concept, but Manchester United is clearly looking to make a splash with their foray into this space.

In December, the team offered a free NFT mint featuring keys that granted access to exclusive benefits, such as merchandise and interactions with star soccer players.

The “The Devils” collection also includes exclusive perks, and all 7,777 NFTs quickly sold out. Manchester United’s goal is to create the largest virtual community in soccer, and it seems that their fans are highly motivated by the project.

However, the copying incident has caused controversy and is currently being resolved.

DesLucrece has said that they are in discussions with Arthur Breitman, one of the creators of Tezos and that they hope the resolution will be mutually beneficial.

The community has responded strongly to the incident and it remains to be seen how it will ultimately be resolved.

Despite the controversy, Manchester United is determined to continue building its virtual community through NFTs and other means.

They have big plans for the future, including the possibility of allowing fans to have dinner with soccer legend Ronaldo. As DesLucrece tweeted, “Dinner with Ronaldo isn’t off the table.”

Web3 Can Revolutionize Sports

This controversy may be a bump in the road, but it also highlights the potential for Web3 technology to revolutionize the world of commercial sports.

The use of NFTs in the sports world is still in its early stages, but it is clear that Manchester United is looking to make a mark with its foray into this space.

While the copying incident has caused a stir, it appears that both Manchester United and DesLucrece are looking for a resolution that will be beneficial for all parties involved.

Ultimately, this controversy shows the potential for Web3 technology to change the way that fans interact with their favorite sports teams and players.

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