Lumos Labs’ Kaavya Prasad explains why metaverse adoption is on the rise

August 04, 2022

By Anjali Kochhar

As Web3 adoption is gaining momentum, metaverse is poised to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual world through a series of technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and non-fungible tokens. Kaavya Prasad, founder, Lumos Labs, a developer-centric Metaverse company, spoke about the metaverse and its adoption in the digital ecosystem in conversation with Financial Express.

Prasad believes that AI has the potential to improve metaverse’s predictability and intuitive interfaces.

“With the use of AI, there are ways that users can connect a physical device that will create a movement that has replicated into the avatar. Anybody with access to the metaverse may engage in multimodal interactions with the digital environment, giving them a fully immersive experience,” he told Financial Express.

Further, Prasad believes that metaverse is effective at training and skill development, greatly reducing the amount of time required to learn and hone new abilities.

“In the metaverse, recruitment becomes borderless. Future developments in industries such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and metaverse will increase employment opportunities and boost economic growth in these areas,” he said.

Prasad further said, “AI-powered digital coaches help with career counselling and staff training; AI-enabled coaching is on the rise in the learning and development field as the process is personalised and more effective than traditional training programs.”

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