Logan Paul apologizes for CryptoZoo project failure

January 11, 2023

By Sharan Kaur Phillora

In light of the recent controversy surrounding Logan Paul and CryptoZoo, the popular YouTube star plans to issue a public apology over the situation. The drama began when CoffeeZilla, a YouTube creator who specializes in investigative journalism on cryptocurrency scams, released a three-part documentary on YouTube sharing the dark nature behind Logan Paul’s most-recent business venture.

Here’s what we know:

In the documentary series, CoffeeZilla released several text messages between Paul and a group of investors involved in the launch of CryptoZoo, along with interviewing several fans of Paul who chose to engage in the app, spending and eventually losing thousands of dollars.

In a video that has since been taken down by Paul himself, he accused CoffeeZilla of engaging in clickbait journalism and not sharing accurate details, instead choosing to chase views and profit off of Paul’s name. While laying out some information on the shady business partners he chose to work with, Paul bore no accountability, which was immediately met with backlash from his fans.

Paul called out several “bad actors,” who he says may or may not have stolen millions of dollars from investors — he remained vague while making this point in his video — but were later fired.

Shortly after CoffeeZilla provided his response to Paul’s recent video and podcast, including the announcement of a video for YouTube, he received a Discord message from Paul himself that may be putting an end to the controversy.

In it, Paul admitted that his response video was “rash and misaligned with the true issue,” proclaiming it’s a good time for “accountability, apologizing, and coming forward with a plan.” 

Paul claims that he and his manager Jeff Levin “made no money and will never make any money on CryptoZoo. In fact, we only lost money trying to pick up the pieces.” In other words, Paul says he’s innocent because he accidentally hired con men who did all the dirty work, not him.

The response was met with mixed reviews, some stating the response was very mature of Paul and commending him for taking accountability, while others stated their displeasure with how long it took him to admit to his mistakes.

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