JJ Lin’s Lifestyle Apparel Label SMG Partners with Singapore’s Top NFT Collector, Kevin Wu, For An Exclusive GRAYCRAFT NFT Project

September 16, 2022

By Tsering Namgyal

GRAYCRAFT and SMG have announced their collaboration to launch the GC-SMG Mechs, a capsule collection within GRAYCRAFT’s upcoming Omega Project of 8,888 Mech avatars, the companies said in a statement shared with NFTMetta.com.

As the latest in the long list of teasers for the Omega Project, the collaboration with SMG will feature exclusively designed NFTs and “phygital” merchandise for fans of both brands.

Kevin Wu, among Singapore’s top collectors of NFTs, bonded with JJ Lin through a mutual interest in NFTs and collectibles, which led to Kevin advising JJ on his first NFT purchases. A mutual admiration for each other’s brand and work inspired them to collaborate together and unite the Web2 and Web3 worlds to create the Web3 Mech franchise.

“The Omega Project represents a hybrid form of Intellectual Property (IP) building. Taking inspiration from the world of Web2, we see the core team playing a crucial role in driving the project forward with strategic vision and exclusive partnerships such as with SMG. Our approach is based on the spirit of both Web3 and NFTs,” said Kevin Wu, founder and CEO of GRAYCRAFT.  

Inspired by the original Mech franchises such as Transformers and Gundam, the Omega Project aims to be the Web3 Mech franchise. The collection of 8,888 avatars is among the most ambitious ones done to date, featuring 24 base variants designed in full 3D and then randomised to form unique combinations. SMG and GRAYCRAFT have joined forces to innovate the project by creating two unique Omega variants within the collection.

Both Kevin and JJ are big advocates for the future of lifestyle apparel in NFT. Whether it is digital fashion skins for avatars or wardrobe collectibles that can be used in gaming and multiple metaverses, there is no denying the interest in NFT fashion. 

“The vision is to drive the brand forward into this new collaborative space. More than just GRAYCRAFT and SMG, it is about the inclusivity of the voices of our community of holders and fans and how we can all come together to define and keep building the GCSMG brand DNA.” said JJ Lin, Founder and Creative Director of SMG.

“Collaborations have always been a part of what we regularly do at SMG, tying up with the most on-trend partners to be at the global forefront of different spaces. What differentiates this GRAYCRAFT x SMG partnership is how apparel and design have transcended beyond just wearing it but living it in the world of Web3,” said Ming, Head Designer of SMG.

As firm believers of Web3, GRAYCRAFT and SMG hope to continue collaborating on lifestyle apparel, merchandise and other unique opportunities. 

GRAYCRAFT is an NFT project that is building the GRAYCRAFT Universe. 

The journey began in 2021 with the launch of the GRAYCRAFT 1, the first spaceship ever created for the metaverse. In its next chapter, the GRAYCRAFT Universe presents a multidimensional science-fantasy adventure that tells the story of mankind meeting its grandest ambitions and rising to its most epic challenges. 

Adopting a hybrid approach to brand building, GRAYCRAFT aims to combine a centralised strategic vision of Web2.0 with Web3.0 decentralised community development to build the Web3.0 Mech franchise, embarking on a journey with the community into both physical and digital dimensions.

SMG is a lifestyle apparel label that recognises the stressful moments and volatile nature of life and how even in the grind of daily life, one literally feels that he or she is “under gunfire” at times. 

The name says it all – “Still Moving UnDer GunfirE”, in short, SMUDGE or the acronym SMG which symbolises the pure and simple expression of the concept. The label hopes to evoke a generation of passionate urbanites who will “smudge” their philosophy of life with each step they take. In SMG, life is represented by strength and belief in oneself to keep moving in style even in harsh times. The word “smudge” also takes on a special meaning for the brand as it reminds us of the endless daily wars we must fight in our lifetime against adverse adversities that can so easily “smudge” our life’s canvas. 

The brand states boldly for all to still move, despite being under “gunfire” with the hope, faith and strength to conquer all adversities that constantly try to “smudge” our lives in this modern society.

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Tsering Namgyal is the chief content officer of NFTMetta.com.

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