How to Build Utility for Your NFT Project in 5 Exciting Ways

October 21, 2022

By Murtuza Merchant

One of the main factors contributing to NFTs’ increasing appeal is the fact that they provide more utility and flexibility than other digital assets. 

It does not matter if you want to start an NFT project.

Your NFT project’s success will rely on a number of factors.

For your NFT to have long-term value, it must be useful enough for collectors to want to be a part of the community.

Because many collectors like the extra value it offers and the chances to interact with the creators, the most popular NFT projects today put a heavy emphasis on usefulness.

How, therefore, as a creator, can you offer this type of usefulness and value to your NFT customers?

Please continue reading to get the answers, but first, let’s define what utility in NFT actually implies.

What is an NFT Utility?

Utility NFTs are NFTs that have useful, practical applications at their core.

The phrase “real-world use case of an NFT” is most frequently used to refer to this concept.

Simply defined, it is a way that NFTs may be employed in our daily lives. Utility NFTs are viewed as valuable depending on the opportunities and access they provide NFT holders or collectors.

The creator of the NFT utility provides users with special perks including service access, memberships, access to live events, digital resources, or tangible things.

Numerous NFT efforts make its owners’ lives better on a regular basis.

The Future of Utility is NFT, and Here’s Why

Utility NFT construction and deployment are already undergoing a lot of change, and this trend appears to be continuing.

There is no reason why NFTs couldn’t eventually replace season tickets, offering year-round access to club games, even though some clever sports organizations currently utilize them to replace paper tickets for significant games.

With the advent of cutting-edge tokenization technology, any asset would be able to be exhibited on the blockchain.

Tokens from this technology may be used to create decentralized marketplaces, which have the power to transform several industries and create fresh markets in neglected areas.

Examples of this include the real estate industry and digital arts.

Unlike real art, which can only be bought and sold by authorized parties, NFTs can be purchased and sold by anyone with an internet connection.

With this strategy, digital artists may reach buyers directly and cut out galleries and other intermediaries.

NFTs will revolutionize several sectors in the future years and soon take control of the digital world.

The usage of NFT utility will fundamentally revolutionize how we buy, sell, and trade things in both online and offline settings.

They will change our existing digital world when blockchain technology is added to them.

Top Ways to Make Your NFT Project More Useful

The list is not all-inclusive. We’ll just quickly run over a few excellent utilities NFT types to give you a general understanding of numerous NFT utility ideas.

  • 1. Create redeemable NFTs

A redeemable NFT works on the theory that its owner may exchange it for a physical or digital asset, such as a specialized product.

For instance, a popular manufacturer of digital shoes and collectibles, the brand RTFKT, and a crypto artist named Fewocious worked together to develop a line of digital sneakers.

Holders of specific NFTs might trade them in for actual shoes in their NFT project. Each of the three utility NFTs represented a different pair of real shoes.

  • 2. Integrate NFTs with the Outside World

Find a real-world need, and then work out how to address it in the context of NFT.

You can hunt for places where you can utilize your NFT to add value that your holders will value in the real world.

Any company may profit from this sort of functionality, whether it’s an artist, a startup, or a well-known fashion label.

Your NFT drops might provide the following benefits to your audience:

A wonderful way for musicians, agencies, or fashion companies to increase their audience and promote their brand is by selling tickets to virtual or actual concerts or fashion shows.

Entrance to computer conferences – a way for businesses to inject some humor into technical gatherings.

Entrance to exclusive locations or events; it never hurts to provide a hint of secrecy when organizing events with restricted admission.

To make your audience feel fortunate, to spread the news, and to pique excitement, give them early access to products that are just about to launch.

  • 3. Create a Metaverse-compatible version of your NFT.

Nike was one of the pioneering businesses to start the NFT dive into the Metaverse.

In 2019, the business received a patent for its CryptoKicks, footwear for use in the Metaverse. After the series’ introduction in 2021, some of its variants fetched more than $130,000 in 2022.

All of this was made possible by Nike’s purchase of RTFKT, a company that previously manufactured NFTs for exchanging sneakers.

The market for Metaverse utility NFTs is growing, and wearables are just one component of it. These days, it is also possible to acquire real estate in the Metaverse, in addition to in-game stuff.

  • 4. Provide DAO services

Some NFT holders are given the opportunity to vote on a matter inside a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Holders could be permitted to control the finances and cast ballots for prospective neighborhood initiatives.

They may choose whether to increase fees, donate to charities, submit fresh ideas, make investments, and more.

DAOs have gained popularity recently among collectors since they want to have community influence on their investments.

  • 5. Use it to raise money

Fundraising can also make use of NFTs. For instance, IncubateX leverages NFT through INO to collect money for top-notch innovations with practical applications.

Additionally, organizations and non-profits can provide an NFT as a prize for raising a specific sum of money for a charitable cause rather than a free t-shirt or raffle entry.

T-shirts lose value after they are worn, whereas having an NFT is similar to holding an investment since its value might rise over time.

As a result, this would likely be a more enticing prize and may encourage people to raise more money.

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Murtuza Merchant is an avid follower of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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