Get Ready to 10X Your Crypto Investment: Best Potential Altcoins to Make You Rich

February 23, 2023

By Murtuza Merchant

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, believes that a crypto market crash is imminent. While some investors may view this as a negative event, Kiyosaki sees it as an opportunity to load up on fundamentally strong cryptocurrencies at a discount, potentially multiplying his investment by 10X to 100X. Kiyosaki believes that the key to exponential gains is getting into fundamentally strong tokens early.

The Possibility of a Major Correction

Despite the optimism of seasoned investors and influencers who believe that Bitcoin (BTC) will reach $100K by the end of 2023, many are anticipating a major correction to occur first. In fact, several experienced investors predict that BTC could fall to as low as $10,000 in 2023. If this occurs, the market will likely experience extreme fear, creating a sentiment that provides an opportunity to buy top cryptocurrencies at over a 50% discount.

Taking Advantage of the Market Correction

Bitcoin is currently priced at around $24,600, but if it does indeed drop to $10,000, investors could take advantage of the opportunity to purchase top cryptocurrencies at a significant discount. 

For example, Mark Mobius, who accurately predicted a drop to $20,000, has also predicted BTC to fall to $10,000. If this happens, investors may have the chance to purchase Ether (ETH) for around $500 and Binance Coin (BNB) for under $100.

Top Cryptocurrencies to Consider

When it comes to increasing your investment by 10X, there are several cryptocurrencies to consider. Here are a few examples:

Chainlink ($LINK): $LINK is the native cryptocurrency of Chainlink, a decentralized network of oracles that facilitate tamper-proof data transmission between off-chain sources and on-chain smart contracts. The primary application of Chainlink is feeding real-world data to smart contracts. $LINK is currently priced at around $8.10, with an all-time high of $52.88. If BTC drops to $10K, investors may have the opportunity to buy $LINK around $3, potentially resulting in a 15X return if it rebounds to its all-time high.

Vulcan Forged ($PYR): $PYR is the native token of the Vulcan Forged p2e gaming universe, which includes the world’s first decentralized exchange for gaming tokens and an NFT marketplace. With highly engaging games and the rapidly growing crypto gaming market, $PYR is a fundamentally strong token to hold long-term. Its current market price is $4.08, with an all-time high of $49.24. Even if investors buy in now, a rally could result in 15X gains. Purchasing after a minor correction could potentially result in over 20X gains.

Polygon ($MATIC): $MATIC powers the Polygon ecosystem, a layer 2 scaling solution that runs alongside the Ethereum blockchain. By facilitating speedy transactions at lower fees, Polygon provides a differentiator for any blockchain network. $MATIC is at the heart of the Polygon ecosystem, with ever-increasing use cases and adoptions that keep it in sight of both institutional and retail investors. Currently priced at $1.51, with a previous all-time high of $2.92, investors may consider dollar-cost averaging (DCA) into $MATIC at around $0.5 and holding it until it reaches $5.


While a crypto market crash may seem daunting to some investors, others, like Robert Kiyosaki, view it as an opportunity to buy fundamentally strong cryptocurrencies at a discount. Taking advantage of the market correction could potentially result in exponential gains, with returns ranging from 10X to 100X.

About the author

Murtuza Merchant is a senior journalist and an avid follower of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This is a news story and should not be considered as an investment advice.

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