Funganomics partners with Polygon Studios to develop sustainable NFTs

October 11, 2022

By Anjali Kochhar

Blockchain technology company Funganomics has signed a marketing partnership agreement with Polygon Studios with a plan to work together closely in the coming years.

Work is undergoing on a new Layer 2 solution for Funganomics that will deliver scalability, sustainability and reduced infrastructure costs.

At the beating heart of this crypto project is Fungatopia, which has been described as a multi-network, multi-format and futureproof NFT marketplace.

The companies aim to deliver NFT drops directly to community members, partners and community creators.

Funganomics says it is always open to platform upgrade suggestions and votes from members of the community — not least because feedback can enhance the project’s current roadmap and its vision for the future. Founders say they are willing to explore cutting-edge new ways to deliver utility.

FGS Games, Funganomics’ gaming division, boasts patent-backed software that allows AAA games and Metaverses to be built in any format.

Executives claim that their approach is far faster and much more cost efficient than what’s on offer from leading gaming companies — delivering true scalability to the ecosystem.

An important goal is to ensure that third-party companies and creators can use the Funganomics platform for their own game development — and add blockchain functionality.

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