Digital Artist Makes Massive Profit Selling NFTs Worth £500,000

June 1, 2023

By Anjali Kochhar

Ashley Crossland, a graphic designer from Cardigan, Ceredigion, has achieved unprecedented success as one of Wales’ most commercially thriving artists. His collection of 7,200 digital artworks, sold as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), fetched an astounding sum of nearly £500,000. NFTs, acting as certificates of ownership, serve to safeguard copyright, according to a BBC report.

The series, featuring anthropomorphised stags, garnered unexpected triumph. Crossland, who has a fondness for both art and technology, was captivated by the NFT space due to its ability to enable digital collectability, a concept previously less accessible. He initially shared sketches of humanoid deer in online communities, which rapidly piqued immense interest and ultimately transformed into a resounding triumph.

The sale, conducted over a two-day period in late March, has seen individual pieces being resold for as much as the Cardano equivalent of £6,500. NFTs have gained immense popularity among digital artists and collectors. However, concerns have been raised regarding the technology’s carbon footprint.

While some artists have discovered new audiences through NFTs, others remain skeptical. Critics argue that NFTs provide yet another opportunity for large conglomerates to entice people into exclusive art markets, rather than making them accessible to everyday artists and individuals.

Crossland and his collaborator, Jameel Sandham, expanded their series to encompass backstories and a mythical world in which their characters exist. Sandham, the project’s writer, expressed excitement about their involvement and the opportunity to develop a fantasy lore inspired by sword and sorcery and general fantasy themes.

The duo intends to further expand their concept, aiming to create interactive web experiences centered around the art and stories. With a devoted community of thousands of digital art collectors and avid readers, they aspire to build a fantasy world that millions can enjoy through a combination of literature, art, and interactive web platforms.

The success achieved by Crossland and Sandham signifies the immense potential and impact of NFTs in the digital art space. Their story serves as a testament to the transformative power of technology and its ability to empower artists and connect them with new audiences on a global scale.

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