AI tools will provide very interesting enhancements for the metaverse: Upland Co-Founder

April 6, 2023

By Anjali Kochhar

Upland co-founder Dirk Lueth believes that the colonization of the metaverse by tech giants and the building of so-called “walled garden systems” is not sustainable.

Lueth argues that instead of “locking users in,” the metaverse should usher in “a future where they are free to move between platforms and can easily take their assets and identity with them.”

While interest in the metaverse has seemingly dissipated as evidenced by Meta’s decision to focus on artificial intelligence (AI), Dirk Lueth argues that AI tools can still “provide very interesting enhancements for the metaverse in general.”

In an interview with News, Lueth shared his thoughts about the multichain metaverse as well as his organization’s plans to create a metaverse super app.

Asked if thinks the metaverse will eventually be controlled by a small number of centralized entities, Lueth said, “We don’t have all the details of how the big tech giants will build their metaverse projects and if they will lock their users into walled gardens. I believe that walled garden systems are not sustainable over time and that the power of the people, in combination with property rights, will be much stronger over time.”

“This is also, by the way, why I co-founded, together with other decentralized projects, the open metaverse alliance for web3 (OM3). Instead of locking users in, we want to ensure that there is a future where they are free to move between platforms and can easily take their assets and identity with them.”

Talking about the possibility of a multichain metaverse, he said multi-chain standards could be possible already today.

“You can have some assets on one blockchain and other assets on another. What is more important is to have standards which define metadata, the look & feel and other characteristics of an asset. Once we have these standards, it will make it easy for users to move their assets around. And this is what we are working on at Upland and OMA3.”

About the author

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